Light a Candle Tonight

According to my astrologic map, I am doing fine in terms of water, earth and air elements but a little low in the fire compartment. Therefore; my friend who reviewed my map suggested me to light a candle, every night if possible, to make up for the missing fire element. So, I have been doing that lately.

But of course, as a curious person, I thought I would take a look into the wide world of candles while I am at it. For example, not very surprisingly, I have found out that red is the best candle colour to cover for the lack of fire element.

Here is what I have learned and would like to share with you: lighting a candle especially while meditating is a wonderful way of supporting the process. Although it is always okay to light a white candle if you do not have a coloured one, lighting a pink candle is a powerful way to enhance your spirituality. Meanwhile, lighting a turquoise candle helps with building your consciousness of abundance.

I prefer lighting my candle as soon as it gets dark and keep it on until bedtime. It gives me feelings of warmth, comfort and safety. I am so used to it that if my candle is not lit, I feel like something is missing in the room.

Lighting candles also help with relieving the feelings of anxiety. Especially burning powder blue, gold and orange coloured candles together at once helps disperse these emotions.

What about other colours? For instance, yellow candles provoke your ability of learning, visualization and memory. Green candles bring harmony, balance, healing and good health, while blue ones provide you with the feelings of patience, kindness, inner calm and peace. Purple ones highlight the feelings of enthusiasm, idealism, success and wealth, whereas white candles help with cleansing, purification and protection.

Everything lavender is an obsession of mine, be it colour, smell, plant itself. And that colour, when it comes to candles, represents consciousness, manifestation, selflessness, spirituality and compassion. Another lively colour; orange is good to reignite the feelings of warmth, energy, enthusiasm, success and prosperity.

As you can guess, now I have multiple candles in all kinds of colours waiting for their turn in my drawer and lots more to learn. If you also like lighting candles, I hope this little information helps. Though please make sure you don’t leave candles unattended. Maybe even burn them in a tray or something that is non-flammable.


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