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This too shall pass

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“Just breathe. You are strong enough to handle your challenges, wise enough to find solutions to your problems, and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done.”

Lori Deschene

Do you sometimes ask yourself or the divine power that you believe in; “Why me?” Why was I chosen to deal with this challenge be it health-related or relationship-related? Why I and not the next person have to shoulder this huge responsibility?

If you think this way, it pushes you towards negative feelings and pessimism. But, if you look at it from a different point of view, you might see something else.

Anything challenging that comes your way comes to you by the Universe because you are capable of dealing with it. Because somehow you have the means and the power to make everything work out. Even if you feel like you don’t at the beginning, with time, you see that you can. You see that you adapt to the circumstances and find a way to go with the flow.

When you face challenging times, instead of panicking about it, just try to stay calm and think about how you can solve this puzzle. What can you do to ease the pain or simplify the process? How can you determine the kind of help you could get from the people around you?

In life, we all deal with challenges big and small every day. Some of us feel like crushed under heavy responsibilities. In reality, what we experience is the product of our earlier imaginations. We can solve them all and get rid of the worries, weariness, tiredness that comes with it the same way we attracted and manifested them in the first place. By visualizing what we want to happen at the end, by thinking about how we want everything to resolve.

Nothing is forever and everything changes with time. Hard days, big projects, excruciating break-ups, health problems. Either they pass, or we get used to living with them. What matters is whether or not we learn something from the experience that we can add to our development department as a person. Taking a step back and trying to look at the situation objectively from the outside helps.

Whatever you are dealing with right now is not the end of the world, it is never the end of the world. This too shall pass. You will survive. Just breathe.

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