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Me, Myself and I

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Who knows you better than yourself? Nobody. Who are you the most honest with? Yourself. Who keeps all your secrets? You. Then who is your best friend and confidente? Again, you.

That’s why you are too important for you to ignore or neglect. Your mental and physical health has utmost significance in terms of the quality level of the life you live. To provide yourself with this essential and also well-deserved indulgence, you need to know yourself better.

How? Here is how: Turn to your inner self. Especially while meditating or when you have quiet moments, ask yourself; “Who am I?” – “What is my purpose of being in this World?” – “What do I want?” – “What is my inspiration?” – “What makes me happy?”. If you ask the same questions to yourself, again and again, the answers will start to come to you.

Listen to your internal voice. Be kind to yourself. Respect the body that carries you all day, every day, the internal organs that support you no matter what. Acknowledge your aches and pains, take deep breaths and allow them to be. Love yourself. Pamper yourself. Give a gift to yourself once in a while. Do not push the things you want to do further and further, take the first step and sign up for that art class you always wanted to attend today. Leave that consuming relationship, that has been eating you alive, now. Put yourself first.

Life is short and today will never happen again. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy your life and strive on making it more enjoyable as much as you can. Do things that give you joy and happiness. Give the care and attention to your body and your soul that it deserves. Remember; every day is a gift, accept it gracefully and appreciate it.

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