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A good relationship requires balance

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It takes one droplet to overflow a glass which is already full right? It takes just one gesture, or word, or look to knock over a relationship if the balance between two sides has not been in equilibrium for a long time.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, according to Newton’s Third Law. Everything you do or say has consequences. Being naive and enabling one side to be the party who benefits the most from the partnership might be okay up to a certain point. Therefore; if one side gives, gives, gives and the other side takes, takes, takes; all of a sudden the little kitten might turn into a lion.

Most of the times when that happens and one says enough is enough, the other one gets surprised, even shocked. Cannot even understand the reason for such a big reaction. Because abusers never see themselves as abusers, they think all is well and normal.

Once, a lifetime ago, I told someone how hurt I felt because of the way I was treated, turned around and said stupefied; “I did not realize how you felt, I thought you would still love me no matter what I say or do.” Then, it was my turn to feel astonished hearing this.

Everyone has a limit, a breaking point. The trick is to avoid reaching that point in the first place. Treating loved ones like they could disappear tomorrow into thin air might be the secret to it. Never taking anything granted, always appreciating what others do to help us or make our life better in any way helps.

Nobody is unbreakable, and nobody is irreplaceable. One last grain of sand could topple a tower. If you are in a relationship, always keep this in mind. Make sure you don’t give too much or ask for too much. Appreciate each other and act accordingly. That’s all.

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