Remove the word “hate” from your vocabulary

There are so many negative words floating around us. “Hate” is one of them. My close friends and family members know very well that I am allergic to that word. I do not use it and I do not like people around me using it.

Most people use and overuse some words without even thinking. Most of them are redundant words, such as the word “like” which many teenagers use in almost every sentence. Or the expression “you know” that some people cannot talk without using multiple times in a conversation. And every time I hear them I cringe because they distract me so much that I cannot listen to what the person is saying.

But, this is just me and at the end of the day, these filler words are harmless. They just cosmetically damage the speaking patterns. On the other hand, when you use the word “hate” for anything you simply just dislike, you surround yourself unnecessarily with negative vibrations.

To keep a positive vibe and to reflect it towards others, the words we choose while speaking is extremely important. Therefore; if you want to be a positive person, who promotes peace, health and happiness, you cannot afford to create a conflict within yourself by using the word “hate” and any derivatives with similar meaning.

It is okay to dislike or disapprove or protest things, thoughts and actions. And you have every right to yourself freely. But when your feelings step over a threshold towards a stronger one like “hate” you hurt yourself in the first place by letting it emerge in your discourse.

Remember, you are a magnet. You attract whatever you identify yourself with. If you choose to frequent negative thoughts, feelings and words, then the negativity would surround you like a bubble. But if you consciously choose to replace anything negative that is churning in your mind or coming out of your mouth with something positive or at least neutral, you become a vibrational magnet for better things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if from this moment on, you try using less negative words, if you try removing them from your vocabulary? Especially the word “hate”? If you do that, I bet you will see life getting a little bit happier and easier every day.

P.S.: I remember a personalized car license plate that I have seen a few times during my commutes to work some years ago. It said “IH82LOSE”. The translation for it is; I hate to lose. Two negatives in one place, both hate and lose are used together. Instead, it should have been written as; I love to win – “ILV2WIN” which would then be a double positive. So, this is the perspective I am trying to give you and make you think a little about it. 


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  1. Carmila says:

    I positively needed this.


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