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Goodbye 2019. You have been a good teacher.

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We are almost there. In a few days, 2019 is ending. Therefore, it is time for us to put on our thinking hats and assess the year that we have consummated. It is time to check the balance of the pluses and minuses the year aggraced us with.

In all seriousness, how did 2019 go for you? Challenging? Better than expected? Or not? Busy? Hectic? Good? Amazing? Full of surprises? Now I want you to look back and think about the things that have happened all through the year and see if major changes transpired in your life or not. Are you satisfied with the stuff you have accomplished? Are you happy with yourself? Do you think you became a little bit wiser at this point than you were when the year started?

It’s good to recap the year and acknowledge everything that has occurred for you and your loved ones. So, try to see the silver linings in not so great things that you had to endure. Recognize which positive outcomes manifested from those negative experiences. What have you learned about yourself? How did it affect who you are and what you do at this moment?

Every challenge triggers our creativity, pushes us to find a solution to the problem we have to tackle. It’s good to survive hard times because you always come out of them with a stronger character, wider perspective and pride for yourself for being able to dodge another bullet.

Life is like a rollercoaster, it’s never flat, it’s bubbly and if there would never be hard times, you wouldn’t appreciate the good times. It’s life after all, not a rose field. You are strong enough to face challenges that each year throws your way, but never forget that each year will also bring beautiful days, happy times, proud moments, nice surprises, exciting celebrations.

Nothing can always be gray or rosy. The trick is being able to see the shades in between. And if you look closely, you will see that there are plenty of colours to appreciate, as long as you are willing to recognize them.

Goodbye 2019. It was nice having the privilege of surviving you.

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