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Happy New Decade!

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2019 is over, and a brand-new decade is ready to begin with the year of 2020. Even the way the word 2020 (twenty-twenty) twirls in one’s mouth is better than in 2019. I already love the year of 2020.

Last year around this time, I emphasized the words “Transition & Transformation” in my welcoming blog post for the year 2019. Today, I repeat the same, because the big transition and transformation of the humankind is not a small endeavour. It is continuing fiercely. More and more people are removing the veil from their eyes. More and more people are starting to connect with mother nature. More and more people realize the enormousness of the abuse, the inequalities, the discrimination, the injustice that millions of people endure every day.

The planet earth is calling us out. It is trying to reach us by every means possible, with one natural disaster after the other. And it will not stop until everyone becomes a Greta Thunberg. But it is very encouraging to see young generations starting to figure out that if they do not step up and make their own bed, no one else will make it for them.

In the year 2020, the change will come from within. But only if you open your heart to the possibility of that great change. Keep positive, keep believing, keep doing whatever you can to help the planet earth, keep loving everything and everyone around you, keep being nice to every living being. Be a good person, be the best version of yourself. If anything you are doing doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Say no.

And allow the things that you have asked for to come to you. You have always been worthy and deserving of receiving, now it is time to begin believing.

Make 2020 your best year ever.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Decade!”

  1. Mutlu yillar arkadaşım, 2020 için dedigin gibi icimizi sevgiyle ve olumlu duygularla doldurabilmeyi ve saglik ile huzur içinde sevdiklerimizle varolmayi diliyorun
    Seni ozlemle kocaman öpüyorum

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