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The road to success is paved with resilience

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If the fire in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away any obstacles that come your way.
― Suzy Kassem

Everyone in the business world takes a unique journey that starts with a specific first step, continues with an unknown path and completes by an unforeseen end. Some people’s journeys might be a long one, while others’ quite short. Some journeys happen to be comfortable and enjoyable, while others could be challenging and troublesome. In that world, the paths are not always straight. There are bumps, cliffs, rough terrain, narrow trails. For some, their business experience could be as pleasant as walking on a plain field, adorned by flowers and birds. But most of us live a life of constant ups and downs, perhaps as a result of the economic and social structure.

To be successful throughout this journey, you need to be a crusader. You need to have the strength to get up and move on after each fall. You can always find excuses and use difficulties to rationalize your resignation from your goals. And the spirit of resilience is not a feature that can be gained or increased by the help of others through warnings, suggestions and incentives. It is an internal force within the human being, which can be developed only if it so desires.

Others may set an example for us or guide us through their experiences and methods. However, it is unlikely that they will change us if we do not already have the passion to strive.

There will always be hick-ups to deal with, setbacks to overcome. If you have an important interview to catch, you will have a problem with your vehicle. There will be issues with your computer, printer, or internet connection on a day you need to complete a project. Your colleague, whom you hope to help you, will be unavailable all of a sudden. You will have a situation at home related to your spouse or children that will distract you. When you think you are on top of your budget, an unexpected expense, a new payment will come up.

The power that you already have in you is waiting for you to recognize and use it to accomplish your tasks impressively, to see the job to its completion without losing hope and patience while dealing with each and every small and big problems.

And your fierce consistency in proceeding on your way to success despite difficulties will impact others in a motivational way. This will give you a powerful driving force in terms of self-improvement, self-management and influencing others. And if you are one of those people who are aware of this power, who have created, used and developed it, you will succeed in your journey of life.

If you are successful in not giving up, in seeing every challenge as an opportunity to learn and in appreciating everything you have, you will be successful not only at work but in life.

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