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Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow

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Listening to Joaquin Phoenix’s speech at the Oscars brought tears to my eyes. Those were tears of happiness and hope. In 3 minutes and 33 seconds, he incredibly summarized what is going wrong in the world. He told us what humanity needs, and how to get there. Very moving, very touching, very emotional. It has strengthened my trust in humanity.

It is refreshing to see more individuals becoming aware of what have either been sanitized through false teachings or simply hidden behind closed doors. Also it is encouraging to witness more and more people leaving their ravenous egos behind. We are becoming aware of the need for change and that there are better ways of living for all rather than a select few.

Many commonly accepted rules, beliefs, and concepts that have resulted in today’s belief system must be exposed for what they really are. The energy of each awakened consciousness is what will bring change, expose shadows, and assist the un-awakened to wake up.

Please, at some point today, sit in a quiet place and objectively examine how much time and energy you spend thinking about negative issues. You need to learn to be very selective concerning networking, websites, or groups that easily drag followers into dense energy under the guise of information. Many of you are beginning to recognize an energetic heaviness when visiting certain websites and news sources. Stay away from the part of social media, and news that pulls you down, that circulates bad and “fake” news like a scaremonger.

Instead, surrender yourself to calmness, peace, quiet, nature, joy. Keep your focus on truth. Remember that you are creators, you are a divine being and that love is the answer to everything. As Joaquin’s late brother River wrote when he was only 17: “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.”

2 thoughts on “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow”

  1. Well said – i might not agree with all he said but I definitely agree with his main points and applaud him for his courage to share, very eloquently, with a wide audience.

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