Happy V Day

Special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day always makes me feel sad a little. I am grateful for having my favourite people healthy and alive to celebrate those days but what about others? I can’t stop but thinking about people who lost their mom or dad. Moms and dads who suffered the excruciating pain of losing a child. People who wanted to be a mom or dad but couldn’t. People who lost a spouse or who never had one even though they wanted it so much.

But this Valentine’s Day, I want to shed those saddening feelings and focus on the ones who still have an empty heart, who are waiting for the one. I want to give a few tips to help accelerate the process of filling that void. I want to encourage them to be positive and get into action.

Here are my suggestions for you

  1. Make space in your home for your significant other. Empty a drawer for your special friend’s belongings, make some room in your closet and add some extra hangers to hang their clothes in there. Clear off one of the night tables in your bedroom.
  2. Take better care of yourself in terms of personal hygiene, physical exercise and healthy eating so that you get more and more confident about your appearance.
  3. Revise your vision board and introduce a romantic relationship goal to it.
  4. Let your family and friends know that you are open to a relationship and that you cannot wait to share your life with someone.
  5. Join meetup groups, try new hobbies, get out and meet with people to increase the possibility of meeting someone with the same interests as you.
  6. Imagine yourself celebrating next Valentine’s Day with your new love. Make plans for a romantic night with them, knowing that next year this time, you will have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.
  7. While visualizing yourself with someone, do not say to yourself: “I will have a girlfriend/boyfriend”, instead say: “I have a wonderful girlfriend/boyfriend who gives me joy and happiness, who loves and respects me for the person I am”. Make all your statements in the present tense rather than in future tense.

Long story short, let the Universe know that you are ready for a new love. Fill your heart with love for the person who is about to enter into your life. Then expect it to happen and it will. Be your own Valentine this year and next year you will be someone else’s. Who knows? Maybe much sooner than later.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. First and foremost, love yourself, and so will others.


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  1. Canim James says:

    As usual you provide some practical advice for your readers.


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