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Invite Abundance and Prosperity into your Home with Feng Shui

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I have touched upon the intriguing subject of Feng Shui in one of my earlier blog posts. And I would like to elaborate a little bit on one important aspect of it. Something that everyone wants in their life; wealth and abundance.

Chinese Coins

Chinese Coins, the Dragon Turtle, the Laughing Buddha, the Money Plant, Wealth Vases and many others, have been used for centuries to attract wealth.

Furthermore, there are many simple and easy Feng Shui principles to use in your space for strong wealth energy.

Here are a few tips to achieve a more prosperous life, inside and out

  • Love your home – If you don’t love coming home every day, or you are not happy with the layout or style of your home, find a way to make it work for you. So, clean up and de-clutter. Powerful manifesting energies don’t like dirt, clutter or broken things. But don’t just get rid of things. Focus on what you want to bring into your life which will help make you and your space more magnetic.
  • Have a strong front door – The front door is called the Mouth of Chi in Feng Shui and its strength and auspicious energy is very important. The doorbell should be in good working order and the welcome mat should be bright and fresh. The steps or path leading up to the door should be kept clean. Additionally, it is always good to have a potted plant such as a Money Tree or a Jade Plant close to the entrance area.
Jade Plant
Image result for money tree
Money Tree
  • Place a water fountain in your front yard – Fountains are very powerful Feng Shui tools to attract wealth energy and fresh Chi. Alternatively, you can use an image of flowing water with open views in your main room as it is a powerful feng shui symbol of wealth.
  • If it is broken, either fix it or discard it – In Feng Shui, the state of the water in your home mirrors your finances. Dripping or leaking taps, stagnant water around the house or broken fountains are not conducive to prosperity.
  • Keep bathroom and laundry doors closed – Also, make sure you keep toilet lids down.
  • Display a bowl of fresh fruit – Preferably in the center of your dining table as a symbol of abundance.
  • Decorate with wealth crystals – Citrine is known as the stone of abundance. Yellow has been regarded as a symbol of wealth while the west is considered to be the dominant direction of career and wealth. If you put yellow furniture or decorations like Citrine crystals or other yellow items at this location of your room or house, you will have better luck for wealth and a successful career.

Last but not least; do not enhance wealth and do not keep money in your bedroom as that room should be a special sanctuary for you and your spouse.

Now go ahead and play with it a little, have some fun. Have a Feng Shui experiment. Put these easy tips into action and see what happens.

I wish you abundance and prosperity on all levels of your life.

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