What have we learned from COVID-19?

I have been reading messages and channelled information from many spiritual leaders and writers last few days. The common topic being the Coronavirus Pandemic, almost all are saying the same thing: “The ones who keep their vibration level higher will survive this virus. Whether they get infected by it or not.”

It is a fact that your vibration frequency soars if you feel positive, hopeful, motivated and strong. When you keep your vibration level higher you shield your mind and body from all harmful events. Communicable (contagious) or non-communicable diseases could not touch you. But your vibration frequency gets lower if you feel depressed, tired and stressed. And that changes your body chemicals towards a more vulnerable state which opens you up to diseases.

I know you might find it hard to believe

You think that it cannot be this simple. But it is. There is no way you get sick unless you give your body permission to get sick. If you know and believe with all your heart that you are;

  • a source of love and light,
  • extremely healthy,
  • completely protected,
  • as precocious as you can be,
  • a strict follower of guidelines introduced by your local authorities, then you would have nothing to worry about.

Our Planet is Speaking to Us

These are unprecedented times for all humanity. The world is stomping its foot down and telling us to stop. It tried to get our attention with many previous events like hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes but we didn’t listen. Now it’s time for the second act. We have to play with new rules. We have to obey a virus smaller than a human cell.

But dire situations can bring great solutions. This is allowing us to elevate ourselves and our world at all levels. Blogger and podcaster Brenda Hoffman, in her latest post at her site Lifetapestrycreations.com, explains the effects of this virus brilliantly. She says that (you) cannot yet grasp that such a pandemic can be a blessing, a rapid movement forcing the earth to shift within weeks instead of decades or hundreds of years.

It’s so true. The priorities, expectations and actions change in a flash. Humanity is evolving in a positive direction. We are going back to basics, remembering our core values. Appreciating healthcare professionals that are on the front lines looking out for our communities. Acknowledging people who are donating, helping, volunteering. While also being grateful for the truck drivers who bring food to our grocery stores. Thanking the pharmacists who keep filling our prescriptions. We now see each other as human beings rather than labeling based on our ethnicities or nationalities.

We start to see our environment from a different point of view. If we choose to learn from this extreme experience, we will come out of it stronger. And better prepared for the next challenge.


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