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Conscious Reactions

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It has been a few years since I became interested in spirituality and mindfulness. Going through this journey, the change I have been witnessing in my way of thinking has been phenomenal. I have never felt this calm yet creative and productive in my life.

Also, one of the main changes I have been noticing is in my reactions. Maybe because of my Mediterranean background, I have always been an over-reactor. Envied people who could keep their cool and calm, even in stressful and unexpected situations. But lately, it feels like I am becoming one of those cool and calm people.

I have much better communication with myself in terms of body, mind and soul. Worry and fear seem to have disappeared from the range of emotions I possess. It’s a strange sensation. Like those feelings were removed from my consciousness by a surgical operation. And it’s extremely liberating to be free of fear and worry even in stressful situations. I am not saying that I never experience negative feelings, but as soon as I notice a drift towards that direction, I consciously acknowledge and replace it with an uplifting and happier one.

Consequently, I have been experiencing a switch from automatic to mindful and conscious reactions in the way I approach events around me. The ability to control my reactions is invigorating. I can look at a scene that is materializing in front of my eyes and analyze it like it was happening to someone else and not to me. Just like getting out of your skin and looking at yourself from a distant and objective point of view. Cool like a cucumber, calm like a pond.

Bob Proctor, an author, motivational speaker, and success coach, says in one of his guided meditations that calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of life. I completely agree with his statement. The calmness that I am experiencing is coming from my complete trust in the Universe. I am confident that whatever happens to me it’s okay, all is well, all is good. Furthermore, I believe with all my heart that I am protected, I am safe, I am loved, and this too shall pass.

The daily problems that you permit to upset yourself are mostly small ones that you don’t even remember within a few days. Then why would you let those insignificant concerns disturb your day or your interactions with people around you? Why would you change the course of your day from positive toward negative by something that is not critical in the big scheme of things? Unless it’s a life or death situation, nothing is worth your peace of mind.

Therefore; don’t let daily events bother you, smile and move on. Be conscious of your reactions. Replace the angry with calm, upset with understanding, aggressive with soothing. Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t matter in the long run. Give love to everyone even when treated less than acceptable. Forgive them and yourself. You are good, you are safe, you are loved and all is well.

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