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Becoming the Master of Your Mind

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I have just completed the Mind Mastery 101 course by Sean Webb with whom I’m connected through LinkedIn. He generously offered this $1000 worth online course for free to everyone who would like to take it during the pandemic period. And I was one of the people who were lucky enough to catch this great opportunity.

It has been a nine-week course with 45 days of sessions in total, and I have learned a lot about becoming the master of my mind. I am eternally grateful for this.

I have learned in-depth on what we are capable of doing in terms of controlling our minds rather than letting it control us. And it would take pages and pages to write what we have covered. But one main thing that’s very much worth sharing was the Equation of Emotion.

This is literally an equation: E/P Δ P = ER

It might be easier to start with an example. Let’s say you are driving on the highway, some car comes unexpectedly and cuts you off. What would you feel? Most probably angry, frustrated, or mad, right? You would expect to have an uneventful and comfortable drive. But that car appearing out of the blue and disturbing your calm driving experience makes you feel mad.

Sean Webb formulates this as follows. For every event that happens in our lives, we automatically have a stored Expectation or Preference (E/P) in our minds according to our previous experiences. If our Perception (P) meets our Expectation or Preference, then our Emotional Reaction (ER) turns out to be positive or neutral. But if the Perception is not in line with the Expectation or Preference, then the Emotional Reaction manifests as a negative one.

In other words, if the two sides of the equation are balanced, we feel positive emotions. If not, then we feel negative emotions. Therefore, consciously noticing the equation happening in our nervous system, allows us to stop the emotion and provides us with the ability to control our mind.

Knowing that every emotion is a result of this equation is very powerful. Because when you know your Emotional Reaction, you can track it back to your initial Expectation about that specific event. You can analyze your Perception and understand the reason for that Emotional Reaction, like stepping out of your mind and observing it from a distance.

And with time, you learn how to become mindful of your Expectations and Perceptions that bring you the ability to control your Emotional Reaction.

Consequently, you slowly but surely become the master of your mind. Able to manipulate your emotions and reactions. If this is not fantastic, what is?

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