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We are infinitely creative

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“Creativity comes from conscious facts planted in the unconscious and allowed to germinate.”

Bertrand Russell

Creativity is one of our most valued human traits. It has given human beings the ability to change the world that they live in. It also has given them the ability to adapt to changes in the world over which they have no control.

Chris Bennett the CEO of Wonderschool says, “[Creativity] cannot be taught in a traditional classroom that is focused on doing everything right. It can only be “empowered” when kids are not afraid to take a risk and when they believe in themselves. Children are innately creative, and it is educated out of them.”

Educated out of them. That part of Chris’s words echoes in my mind. We are born with pure creativity, but with the help of our society, we remove those notions one by one from the minds of our children. Some rebels still survive and bring their creativity with them proudly. And take the risk of being called a little different. But what about others? What about the ones who leave their creative thinking behind to fit the norm?

Creativity is everything

When we ask our children to follow the herd and to think within the boundaries of whatever they are provided with, we stop their creativity right there and then. I know the education systems around the world evolved quite significantly since I was done with my schooling a few decades ago. But still, are we giving creativity the priority that it deserves?

The skills, behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs complement and build what we consider a creative mindset. And that mindset is the core of an ideal society that supports creativity.

We human beings are infinitely creative. And we need to acknowledge that. We are creative enough to solve any problem in the world. We just need to let ourselves open the doors to our creative potential.

I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in us.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

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