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Collective Anxiety

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It feels like we are living in a time of madness. Fear is everywhere, and desperation is the leading theme. We are feeling panic about the Coronavirus, uncertainty related to the upcoming elections in the US, worries concerning the inhumane conditions of millions of refugees around the world, and we are horrified about the unprecedented momentum of global warming.

What will happen to the economy if people cannot travel for work or pleasure? How will we contain this virus and heal the ones contracted to it? Who will win the elections that will affect not only the American citizens’ but also every single country and person’s lives in the world? When will the wars end and refugees stop suffering from the choices of people in power? How will we stop our planet from exterminating itself?

And those are the problems associated with the macrocosm we live in, what about the microcosm? What about the issues we face every day regarding health, shelter, employment, finances, relationships?

These are all legitimate questions proving that sometimes borders are meaningless. You can build walls between countries and you still cannot stop diseases from spreading, fear from circulating. Then what should we do? How can we defeat this collective anxiety?

Control your Anxiety with these Tips

  • Cut back on social media and stay away from the news outlets. News and information are addictive, and not necessarily always useful. If you can take a break from following the news, you will see your anxiety recedes. Trust that the information that is useful to you will come to you somehow.
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate. Bring your mind to a quiet place, literally and figuratively.
  • Take some time in nature. Go for a walk, watch birds, hug a tree, play with a child or your pet.
  • Try breathing exercises and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
  • Stop thinking about the future and remove “what if?” scenarios from your mind. Only let the best-case scenarios in your consciousness. Why worry about something that did not happen and most probably will never happen? Know that the more you think about the unfavourable outcomes, the more you will manifest them. So, focus on positive and uplifting thoughts.
  • Stay away from pessimistic people who feed off of others’ energy. Get together with the ones who make you laugh, who give you hope, not fear.

I know it is easier said than done. But try at least one of these suggestions today. Maybe another one or two tomorrow. Just keep trying until you feel better. Do not give up. You need yourself to be resilient, happy, and healthy for you and your loved ones’ sake.

Don’t be afraid and keep repeating this mantra; “I am free, I am healthy, I am safe” This too shall pass.

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